Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition  - Images of the Fair
Bands known to have played at the AYPE.
This list is still under development and is intended to help give an idea of the scope of performance at the AYPE. A great many additional bands appeared at the Fair.
Bremerton Marine Band
Bugle Band in Educational Bldg.
Caldwell Band (Idaho day)
Channing Ellery Band
St. Olaf's College
Duke of Connaught's own Rifle Brass and Bugle Band
Japanese Cruisers Band
Journal Carriers of Portland Ore
Local Army bands: Ft. Casey(presumed), Ft. Worden, Ft. Lawton,  Ft. Simpson Indian Band, Infantry Band - Vancouver Barracks
Long Beach familly band
Metlakahtla Band
North Yakima Juvenile Band
Philipine Constabulatory band
U of Idaho Cadet Band