Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition  - Images of the Fair
Large, explorable Bird's Eye View      
Reprint copies of this view (enlarged to 24" x 36" from the 11x17 version) are available from : Kroll Map Company, Seattle : 206-448-6277
Original art by William Caughey. This view looks southward over the present University of Washington grounds towards Capitol Hill. Note that this was created while the fair was still taking its final form - it gives a good overall representation but some details vary. Noticeably, the main Government Building was neither as tall nor as elaborate as shown here. A few buildings shown were not constructed, and a few important buildings do not appear - it is worthwhile to compare with the aerial photo and also the map of the grounds. These views were printed in several small sizes, as well as 11x17 (used here) and a very large poster size.